Jokes, verses and songs about Fantomas

Jokes about Fantomas

- Hа-hа-hа - has told Fantomas, leaving from bedroom Sofi Loren and unmasking its husband.
- Hа-hа-hа - inspector Zhuf in bedroom Sofi Loren has told, unmasking Sofi Loren.
Arm - Officer:
" All saw film " Fantomas"!? At whom an accurate hairstyle - it is pleasant to look! "

Ghbitk to new Russian the chief protection and говоpит:
- Mister Koljan, here to you, Fantomas Ghbitk, we with brothers it have beaten.
You that Lugkov have not learned, once again it will touch - I of GOATS shall make of you!

- Vasily Ivanovich, has appeared in wood Fantomas!..
- How many time, Petka, spoke - do not give Kotovsky greens.

In Zaporozhye there is a monument komcomol - It is red to guardsmen, " Disturbing Youth " refers to, represents a huge concrete head in буденовке, extended in a certain impulse with wide nostrils. Otherwise as "Fantomas" - this statue not кличут. Even the girl - dispatcher of a taxi, having heard " the Monument of Disturbing Youth ", has asked again - whether " To Fantomas that? "

The French radio:
- We at last have caught Fzntomas!
The Armenian radio:
- We on the end and not such caught!

Verses about Fantomas

The corpse is necessary for me, I have chosen you,
See you soon, Fantomas

About Fantomas having seen a picture,
The kid a guillotine has built houses,
Sharp it has inserted a knife skilfully
- The mother's body has not moved at all!

On a fence - Fantomas,
On asphalt - Fantomas,
And in тетрадке this word,
This word - Fantomas.


There was an old woman from cinema
And all thought one:
I shall come home now
Also there is I Fantomas

The guy loved the girl
And on it(her) has played a trick,
Has written: " I Love you ",
Has subscribed: "Fantomas".


Jean Mare played cinema
Also has left to us one,
That such as Fantomas
There can be any of us


Do not go children to a class,
Your teacher Fantomas!

Songs about Fantomas

Alexander Dol'sky

About Fantomas

Poets we, poets we, poets we,
Therefore, therefore, therefore
We a song have composed - the maximum class!
And in it without зersons
We shall tell about the person,
About the person on nickname Fantomas.

Fantomas, Fantomas,
We now shall find you
Let's glance in a black coffin now,
Let's check up The cloakroom attendant,
And for a bait we shall buy sausage!
We shall catch an aggressor,
And our professor
Just in case we shall pull moustaches.

Fantomas, Fantomas.
Drink sour grain kvass!
Also eat porridge semolina,
And a leg wooden
We shall present you, the pity silly coward!
Therefore, therefore
There are without a pistol we.
Our commissioner - a handsome man courageous Guv!

We are not sure at all,
That all from us are checked up,
And can be, it(he) in somebody from us?
Has crept silent сапою
And even mum with папою
Do not know, that them the child - Fantomas.

Under a mask of indifference
Duplicity disappears,
And meanness does not show eyes.
Fights those fist,
On physiognomies these gloomy.
On your physiognomies, Mr. Fantomas!

The phenomenon natural, though and not national.
General, but only not at you.
Whether and all you are sure, and firmly checked up,
What you not Fantomas, not Fantomas?

Brigade S Х Fantomas

The author of words - Kavaleryan E., the composer - Galanin S.

To begin a nursery игрою, but to be something big,
To have a reputation terribly for a fairy tale, the person without the person,
To disappear always from those by whom was thrown,
To dress a mask of a mask a hand of a wise man.

I Fantomas, I the gloomy genius,
I Fantomas, I a song without words,
I Fantomas, I a bluff and destiny of generations,
I Fantomas, I a phantom of the big cities.

In itself as in others, to see a copy of the world,
One reflection in curve mirrors,
And to stand in depth of a dark shooting gallery,
To flash a grey shadow in cold eyes.

I Fantomas, I the gloomy genius,
I Fantomas, I a song without words,
I Fantomas, I a bluff and destiny of generations,
I Fantomas, hо-hо-hо-hо.

Your fear is I, but I only the reason,
Always I was, you, you did not know about that,
Becoming a tiny part of a huge picture
Given birth, alas, the unknown creator.

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